Things to do

There are a ton of things to do in the Town of Index. First, when you look at a map of the Town of Index you realize that it’s located in the middle of the forest with little anything else. That being said, what is there not to do in the Town of Index? From hiking, sight seeing, river rafting, exploring, or simply sitting back and enjoying the Skykomish River there is definitely a lot of things to do.


There is an abundant amount of places to go hike, the Town Wall and the Heybrook Tower are the most popular.


The Town of Index is most sought after for its World-known ‘Town Wall’ which brings travelers from all across the globe that want to climb it.


The whole Town if Index is a sight-to-be-seen. Check out the Town Directory for addresses and a list of places to start. But the best places are seen by exploring this beautiful little town so go, go now.

River Rafting/Kayaking

The Skykomish River is great place to go either river rafting or kayaking. While it is not the place for a beginner, it definitely is one of the more beautiful and social places to do both. The summer months are filled with ‘river rats’ as the locals call them.

Swimming Holes

There are several places to dip into the Skykomish River in the Town of Index, the most popular being under the Wes Smith bridge. The other popular place is located just outside of town at the ‘campground’ (located west off Avenue A) it hard to miss especially in the summer months when the climbers arrive in troves.

Bike Riding

The whole Town of Index is a great place to pull the bikes out and take a scroll. Sometimes the best things in town are best seen by bike, rather than by vehicle.


There are two parks in the Town of Index, well actually one but the second is just outside town limits and a bit tricky to find (and is super secluded). Doolittle Park is located on Avenue A and 5th Street, its the park that everyone sees when the comes into town. And the other park, well here’s a hint: It’s on Avenue A somewhere, so go find it!